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Living with Baba
A Schoolboy
A Schoolboy from Krishnanagar

We have a very nice school at Krishnanagar, West Bengal, India. One day sometime in 1969, the principal of the school, Acarya Sudhananda Avadhuta, went out for some urgent work. The principal told the teacher-in-charge that he would be back within an hour.

The school was going on as usual. During recess time, all the children played and ate their food which they brought from home or bought at the school canteen.

Suddenly, one of the boys went back into the classroom and cried hysterically, "My father has died now!" His cries got the attention of all the other students as well as the teacher. The teacher in charge took the boy aside and consoled him. But he could not be consoled. The boy just kept on crying loudly. The teacher then decided to inform the boy's parents of his strange condition.

The boy's father worked in a government office, while his mother was a housewife. She was then alone at home. Upon learning of her son's condition, she immediately came to the school and took her son on her lap and tried to console him, but to no avail. She too began to cry.

Meanwhile, the principal returned to the school and after some time the boy's father also came. The father told his small son, "I am your father. I am here! Why are you crying?" The boy did not reply and continued to cry. Both the father and mother were very disturbed. They could not understand this inexplicable drama.

Meanwhile, the principal closed the school for the rest of the day and sent the children home. He took the boy aside and put some very cold water on his face, while mentally repeating the name of Baba. The boy became senseless.

After some time, the boy awoke and was normal again. He went home with his parents peacefully.
Some days later, the principal met Baba. He asked Baba about the boy. Baba explained that in his previous life the boy was the son of a very good man in Australia. His father had a small farm. His son was just fifteen years old. One day, the boy helped his father to clear the farmland. Suddenly, a poisonous snake bit the boy, killing him. He died on the lap of his father. His father loved his son so deeply that he cried like a child before his lifeless body. The son also loved his father very much. Now, that son was reborn and attended the Ananda Marga School in Krishnanagar. When the boy suddenly began to cry loudly, it was the exact moment that his father from his previous life had died.
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