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Master Planner
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One day Baba took reports from us in the Ranchi office. There was another dada present who is a very close friend of mine. On that day, Baba punished him for his unsatisfactory report. The dada was very sad.

After the reporting session, Baba joked with us. After awhile, He requested the same dada whom He had earlier punished to fetch a diary from the drawer of His desk. We were rather surprised to hear this, as none of us close to Him knew that He maintained a diary. In fact, He told the dada that he would find four diaries in the drawer. He asked him to remove the diary that was second from the top, and then to open a particular page in it.

The dada opened the diary as requested. Baba then asked him, "What do you see?"

The dada replied that there was something written in Bengali in the form of a sutra or sloka. Baba told him to read the sloka.

The dada read: "A'su sa'di." It was just these four letters in the diary. Baba had written these four letters exactly one year ago. The date was mentioned in the diary. Baba then explained the meaning of the sloka in Bengali, that is, "Aj Sugatananda ke shasti debo", which means, "Today I will punish Sugatananda". Baba then explained that He had decided exactly one year ago to punish him today.

Each and every action of Parama Purusa is precisely calculated and planned. Nothing happens accidentally or by chance. Human beings are unable to grasp this subtle truth or to understand His Cosmic "liila" due to their ignorance and imperfection.
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