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Living with Baba
Dharma Maha Sammelan
Dharma Maha Sammelan

When Baba was in prison during the period 1971 to 1978, we continued to hold Ananda Marga's main function called Dharma Maha Sammelan (DMS), which usually took place twice a year in January and June. Only Baba could endorse the names of MG (Marga Guru) Representatives who were selected to give the discourse in His absence. Sometimes, we held the DMS more than twice a year.

Once in 1974, I was selected as MG Representative for the Agartala DMS. Agartala is a town in Tripura, India. When my name was approved, I went to meet Baba in His cell.

I said to Him, "Baba, I am going to Agartala as MG Representative for DMS."

He smiled and replied, "Work with sincerity."

I reached Agartala in time. I never thought that I would ever address a DMS in my life. In those days, Prabhat Samgiit had not yet been composed by Baba. The Margiis sang their own devotional songs in preparation for the spiritual discourse.

Representing the Marga Guru is a very big responsibility. I mentally surrendered everything to Baba. Then, I gave the spiritual discourse. The topic was "The Need of Jinana, Karma and Bhakti in Human Life." I was surprised at my eloquence. I did not prepare anything before hand. Yet, I managed to deliver a powerful discourse. Really, everything flowed effortlessly from Him.

After the DMS discourse, we all did Guru puja together. During Guru puja, I clearly felt the physical presence of Baba. Many other Margiis also felt Baba's presence.

If one does His work sincerely and surrenders the fruits of one's action to Him, He will provide the ability to fulfill that task no matter how difficult it is.
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