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Living with Baba
His Love at Caracas

Janak was a very good Margii from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He had also traveled to Caracas to see Baba for the first time. He was not a rich man. Somehow, after great difficulty, he managed to come to Caracas to see Baba.

He had a small son, whom he loved very much. As he was leaving for Caracas, his son requested him to buy an electronic game for him. On the second day after reaching Caracas, Janak went to the departmental store and bought the game for his son. He paid $50.00 for it. He was quiet pleased with himself and kept the present carefully. The next day, he found to his dismay that the present he had bought for his son had mysteriously disappeared. He searched for it everywhere but could not find it.

He became very sad as he had no money left to buy a similar toy again. He dreaded to return home empty-handed and thought what he would tell his son. He just could not get his mind away from his misfortune and kept brooding on it.

In the morning of the third day, Baba went for a field walk. Janak and several other people also went with Him. Although Janak was with Baba, his mind was elsewhere, engrossed in what he would tell his son when he returned without the toy.

As they were walking, Baba turned to Janak and smiled broadly at him. Janak was deeply moved by His sweet smile but did not understand the reason for it. For some reason Janak's mind was drawn to Baba's feet. He continued to look at His feet for some time.

A few minutes later, Janak saw a $50.00 note under Baba's foot. He immediately picked it up and put it in his pocket. He continued to walk with Baba but wondered how that $50.00 note happened to be under Baba's foot.

After the walk, Baba went back to His room. Many Margiis stood on both sides of the path with folded hands to greet Baba, as He moved towards them. As He came up to Janak, who was also in the line, Baba asked him, "Do you love Baba? Baba loves you very much."

Janak was then a new Margii. He did not understand much about the concept of love and devotion for the Guru. But as Baba spoke these words - "Baba loves you very much" - Janak's eyes filled with tears. That small incident of the $50.00 note, the few words Baba spoke to him, and the sweet tears of divine love transformed Janak into one of the greatest devotees in Buenos Aires. I met him several times when I was posted in South America. He passed away about five years ago.
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