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Living with Baba
His Love Is Everywhere

This was yet another amazing incident in Caracas which happened during Baba's visit. When we arrived, we found that the SS dada (Sectorial Secretary for Georgetown Sector), Acarya Haratmananda Avadhuta, was not present. After some time, Baba asked me about him. I told Him that I could not get any information and was unsure of his whereabouts. I sensed that Baba was a little bit worried about him.

The SS dada, however, arrived the next day. He was very happy that he could reach Caracas. Shortly afterwards, he met Baba.

Baba asked him, "How did you come, my little boy?" The SS dada could not give a proper reply. It was surely beyond his expectation that he had been able to reach Caracas. He knew of our program to come to Caracas. As he was new in the field, he did not realize that it was almost a six-hour journey from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Caracas. In addition, he faced a lot of financial difficulties. He thought it would be impossible for him to meet Baba, as he did not have any money for the airfare. But at the last moment, a person suddenly appeared and introduced himself as a Margii. He asked dada if he had any problem. Dada confided in him that his Guru had come to Caracas, but he had no money for his transportation to that place. The person immediately asked dada how much money was required, and offered the exact amount as donation.

When he met Baba at Caracas, Baba told him with a charming smile, "It was your grace that somebody came and gave money to you." The SS dada realized that it was entirely due to His grace that he could finally meet Him.

His divine love is constantly showering on everyone. He takes care of His children, no matter where they are.
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