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Living with Baba
Baba's Joke

Baba's ways were mysterious, but always full of charm. He would often intersperse serious moments with humour, like a soothing ray of sunshine through a dark cloud.

I recall a joke Baba once told us amidst a reporting session. It is actually a very common joke often narrated in the rustic areas of Bengal. A young bride became pregnant for the first time. She was the only daughter of her parents. Following the Indian custom, she returned to her parents' house towards the end of her pregnancy to deliver the child. It was a convenient arrangement. Her mother, aunties and other close relatives were there to look after her and the new baby. She was a very simple, innocent and loving girl. Her parents were eager to take care of their sweet daughter and their grandchild.

One day, the girl told her mother, "Oh, mother, I am going to sleep now. When the time for my delivery comes, please come and wake me up."

The mother burst into laughter. She retorted, "At the time of delivery you will get so much pain that not only will you wake all of us up but you may also wake up the entire neighbourhood!"

We all laughed at the joke.
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