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Living with Baba
Epitome of Charm

When Baba and His entourage flew to Taiwan to visit the Margiis, the government of Taiwan graciously received us at the airport as State guests of the country. Senior government officials welcomed us as we alighted from the plane. We were then taken to the VIP lounge of the airport, where we sat comfortably. The government officials offered us beautiful bouquets of flowers in accordance with the local custom.

Traditional herbal green tea was then served. As there were eight of us, including Baba, they served eight cups of tea. It was a delicate situation. The dadas did not know what to do, as they did not know whether or not the green tea was sentient.

Then, Baba told the government officials, "They are monks. In accordance with their vows, they do not even take tea. But, I am a family person. I can have the tea." He then took one cup of tea with such a sweet and charming smile on His face.

Baba saved the situation. It could have turned into a protocol disaster. He knows where and how to save His children. He is the Epitome of Charm. He is Sweetness Personified. He is Grace Personified. When we feel or remember His incomparable sweetness and grace, we can only weep in gratitude. As long as we remain on this earth, we can never forget His infinite love for us.
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