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Living with Baba
Drama in Taipei

We spent nearly fifteen days with Baba in Taipei, Taiwan. On one occasion, the Bhukti Pradhan of Taipei presented a traditional Chinese suit to Baba. The Margiis wanted to see Baba in a Chinese suit. The BP eagerly asked the PA Dada, "When is Baba going to wear our local clothes?"

We knew that Baba usually wore His own clothes. Nevertheless, PA Dada mentioned to Baba from time to time that the Bhukti Pradhan wanted to know when He would wear their local dress. Baba would simply smile without giving any answer.

Meanwhile, I was very busy organizing and preparing for the General Darshan. The site of the General Darshan was more than three kilometers from where Baba stayed. It was the residence of a devotee. He had a large hall on the second floor of his house. I was there to see to all the arrangements.

Baba used to give darshan just after returning from field walk. He took His breakfast as usual and then went to change His clothes for the darshan. As He was about to change His clothes, He suddenly asked, "Where is my guardian BP's dress?" PA Dada immediately gave Him the local Taiwanese dress. Baba closed the door and changed into the new set of clothes. He saw Himself in the mirror. The dress was too small and extremely tight-fitting. He looked rather comical in His tight-fitting clothes. Looking at Himself in the mirror, He burst into peals of laughter. He was in a jolly mood and decided to make a drama of the situation.

Baba opened the door of His room. The PA Dada was ready with the car. All other arrangements had also been made. But, Baba appeared to be very angry. Although I was at the darshan site, He was angry at me and complained about me to the PA Dada in a very angry tone. There were two outriders traveling by motorcycle in front of Baba's car. When they reached the darshan site one of them found me and said, "Baba is very angry with you."

I did not know what to do in this situation. There was also no time to think. I saw Baba's car approaching. I quickly went upstairs to receive Him. I took the stairs. Baba, however, used the elevator. After I received Him, He started to scold me. After this bout of scolding, He went into the hall for General Darshan.

The moment He sat for darshan, Baba became completely normal and smiled sweetly. He gave a beautiful discourse to the Margiis. After that, He took His lunch. After lunch, I entered His room and did sastaunga pranama. I was supposed to present the organizational report. But before I could begin, He asked me how everything was? I told Him, "Baba, everything is okay. But I could not control my laughter seeing You in this dress."

Baba replied, "What do you mean you could not control yourself. Even I could not control Myself. For this very reason I had to make a drama that I was very angry!" Baba and I both laughed heartily over the incident. He is really the Supreme Dramatist. Only He knows how to act perfectly in every situation on the stage of life.
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