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Living with Baba
Treatment of Baba

One day during our stay in Taiwan, Baba did not go for His usual evening walk. In response to the queries of the Margiis, the PA Dada errorneously informed the Margiis that Baba was not well. This news prompted an old Margii to get his acupuncture kit to treat Baba's reported illness. The PA Dada and all of us tried to explain to this nice man that Baba did not need any acupuncture treatment, as He was really not sick. But the man did not listen to us, and simply sat on the stairs for the whole night, waiting to treat Baba.

The next day, when Baba was ready to go out for the field walk, dada Ramananda, the PA Dada, informed Baba that one Margii had been sitting the whole night on the stairs to treat Him through acupuncture. Then, Baba said, "All right, now just go and tell this man that Baba is all right now and is coming out for His walk." PA Dada went and informed the Margii accordingly. The kind man, hearing that Baba was now all right and was coming out for His usual walk, immediately vacated the spot he had occupied on the stairs.

Later that day, Baba explained to us that acupuncture was a very old system of treatment. When it was discovered, the biological body of that time was not the same as the human body of today. Baba said that at present the human body is more complex and subtle. He added that in future, the body would become even more complex and subtle. As the development of acupuncture did not keep pace with the evolution of the human body, it could happen that the needle might inadvertently affect the subtle nerves in the body.

Baba said that presently there is no system of medical treatment that is perfect. Every medical system has some advantages and some disadvantages. Every medical system needs to change or develop, so as to keep pace with the evolutionary changes in the human body. Baba further said that more and more complex diseases would afflict human beings in the future. In this connection, He also told us that the more we use artificial things  in our daily life, the more problems our bodies would face. The nature of treatment of a disease varies in accordance with one's individual development. One should take treatment according to necessity.
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