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Living with Baba
Moving Together

Baba started the dharma samiksa program in 1981. It was a very special occasion when Baba, as Taraka Brahma, undertook a complete spiritual review of His devotees, while taking upon Himself the samskaras that obstructed their spiritual progress. In dharma samiksa, He scanned the devotees' physical, psychic and spiritual bodies, located the samskaras that blocked their progress at every level, and removed them to enable the sadhaka to progress unimpeded.

I was given the duty of preparing the list of suitable Margiis for dharma samiksa and had to ensure that they were eligible candidates. Baba used to give dharma samiksa to sadhakas in accordance with the list I prepared.

Once, in 1981, at the Jodhpur Park Office in Calcutta, a Margii from southern India entered Baba's room for dharma samiksa. He and his family members were very good devotees of Baba. Baba asked him, "Did you come with all your family members?"

He politely replied, "No, Baba, I came alone." Baba became furious. He declared, "You should move together on the path of dharma. I do not want to see you alone!"

The Margii did sastaunga pranama to Baba and left His room. He took a plane back home the same day with the intention of bringing his family to meet Baba. At the next available flight, he returned to Calcutta, together with his whole family. Baba then gave dharma samiksa to the entire family.

Baba had always reminded us to move together as one universal family, holding the hands of those who lagged behind, so that society as a whole could move forward, boldly and expeditiously.
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