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Living with Baba
He Takes Care of Everything

Dharma samiksa was, indeed, a very special program to relieve the sufferings of the devotees at all levels. During that occasion, there was the case of another family from the Andaman Islands, who came for dharma samiksa. The husband worked as a teacher, while the wife was a lawyer. Both were very good devotees of Baba. Baba gave dharma samiksa to both of them, first to the husband, then the wife. After that, they did sastaunga pranama and left. When He finished the dharma samiksa of the sister, Baba requested me to call her back. As I was about to go, Baba told me the name of a particular medicine and instructed me to explain to the sister that she should use this particular medicine.

I immediately went out to look for her and explained to her Baba's instruction regarding the medicine. As I was explaining Baba's instructions, the sister started to cry. I later discovered that she suffered from a type of female disease, which she kept secret from others, even her husband. She was so embarrassed by the disease that she did not even mention it to Baba during dharma samiksa.

Of course, nothing escapes His all-seeing eyes and His deep love for His devotees! As Dharma Guru, He removes all obstacles to our happiness and spiritual progress, even small, hidden aspects in our conduct or personal lives, which may hinder our spiritual progress.

Truly, He is the Lord of devotees. Anyone who surrenders to Him, whether a sadhaka or not, will be showered by His boundless grace.
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