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Living with Baba

"Ekoham Bahusvami! I was alone in the universe, but I created Myself into many!"

The dharma samiksa program lasted for a certain period only. The day it was over, Baba came over to the office and informed us, "Today I feel that there is no urgent work." We noticed that He was in a completely different mood. Realizing this, Baba's Personal Assistant said, "No, Baba, today there is no urgent work."

"All right, then let us rest for five minutes or so and then I will return home, " Baba responded. It was a very hot day. He rested in His room. All of the Central Workers were in His room as well.

Some parts of His clothes were wet. He asked one of the dadas, "Look at My dhoti on My lower leg. It is wet. Can you see what happened?"

Dada replied, "Baba, You were walking just now. Perhaps, it is due to perspiration."

Baba asked, "Is it so? Can you smell it?"

Dada sniffed a little, and then exclaimed, "It is just like the scent of the jasmine flower!"

Baba asked another dada, "Can you smell it?"

That dada did so and replied, "It smells like a rose flower!"

Baba then asked all of us to smell His wet clothes. Each of us got a different but indescribably beautiful scent coming from Baba. Then, Baba said, "How is it possible? I think you all have a problem with your noses or perhaps there is some other reason. Who can give the scientific explanation, the correct answer?"

We all replied in unison, "Baba, it is Your liila!"
Then, He pointed to one part of His foot and asked us to taste it. Different dadas licked Baba's foot and each described a different taste. We just kept telling Him, "It is all Your liila, Baba!"

Baba then explained the scientific reasons behind this phenomenon. He said, "Only Taraka Brahma has the capacity to control the bhutas. He who knows how to control the bhutas is Bhutanath. That is why another name of Lord Shiva is Bhutanath. Bhutanath has control over both the bhutas and the tanmatras."

After explaining this, Baba said that He wanted to leave. While leaving the room, He named certain dadas who should also proceed to His residence. Among others, my name was included. While the others went ahead, I was a little late in reaching His residence. I ran most of the way in order not to be late. When I reached I saw that all the dadas were already in His room. While I waited outside His room, I heard everybody laughing heartily inside the room. After a few seconds, everyone came out.

The PA Dada informed Baba that I was waiting outside. Baba called me inside. I did sastaunga pranama. He asked me "From where did you learn the vidya that you taught your GTS?"  I was then working as DPS-Central. DPS is the controller of Seva Dharma Mission and all the Ananda Marga training centers. Actually, that day the Training Center report was to be given to Baba. I was supposed to present the report. However, according to Baba's reporting system, if the GTS was present, he could also present the report.

When Baba requested some of the dadas to go to His residence, it was the GTS Dada who reached first. PA Dada informed Baba about the presence of GTS Dada. He was the first one to be called into Baba's room.

Baba was then not in the mood to hear any organizational report. In his eagerness to present his report, the GTS Dada did not realize that Baba did not want any report, and proceeded to read out his report. He reported on the activities of the training centers. Baba patiently listened to him for some time, and after a while casually asked him whether he knew of a certain trainee in his training center, about whom He gave a detailed description. Dada became visibly nervous and started to fidget anxiously. He had deliberately omitted to mention this particular trainee in his report, as he did not want to present any negative news to Baba. That trainee, had in fact, left the training center prematurely, as he could not adjust to the spartan life of a trainee monk. Baba was obviously enjoying the drama. He then took it to a completely different level to make it more melodramatic. He told dada that He did not know anything. However, if dada held His big toe, He would know everything in detail about the trainee. He then instructed dada to catch hold of His toe. The moment he touched His toe, Baba told everything in detail about the boy. Then, Baba joked with the GTS Dada. Baba asked him, "From where did you learn the vidya so that the moment you touch Me, I am able to tell you everything about that boy. Perhaps, DPS (Tapeshvarananda) has taught you this!"

Dada could only reply, "No, Baba. I don't know anything, but You know everything!" When dada could not give a proper answer, He called all the dadas into His room and asked them for the scientific explanation of the phenomenon. No one could give the correct answer. At that moment, I entered His room. He asked me the same question and I gave a similar reply as the others, "You know everything, Baba. We don't know anything."

As we were all assembled in His room massaging Him, we noticed that He appeared to move into a completely different world. He changed into a totally different mood. He was in a half-lying position, with one elbow on the bed and head resting on His hand. It is called Vishnu mudra. We remained silent and continued to massage His body.

After a few seconds, He exclaimed, "Ekoham Bahusvami! I was alone in the universe, but I created myself into many!"

He then became silent. We continued to massage different parts of His body. A strange thing then happened. While massaging Baba, I suddenly could not feel His body at all. I was shocked. I looked at the other dadas and each of them silently expressed the same feeling. For a few seconds, everyone felt that He did not have a physical body, even though He was clearly visible. It was as if He were an entity of light without any solid form. Then, slowly, His body began to solidify, back to normal. He then told us, "Now I am in Kalpataru mudra.  Only Mahasambhuti has this capacity. Whatever you want, you have only to ask me. I will grant it."

Baba first asked the Press Secretary, "If you want this power, then the moment you open your eyes you will see that in every diocese of the world, from Bombay to Berlin, you will own a press. Do you want this power?" Dada remained silent.

Then, Baba said to the Children's Home Secretary. "You are struggling to open homes. If you want, then the moment you open your eyes, you will find a healthy children's home in every diocese."

After that Baba asked me, "You are the Dharma Pracar Secretary. Every month you need to send circulars and vaniis and registration forms to thousands of Ananda Marga units. If you have this power then all your work will be done." I remained silent too.

Then, Baba said, "Whatever occult power, whatever spiritual power you want, ask me now!"

Baba then offered a particular dada the highest occult power, antaryamitva siddhi, which is the very rare power to know the inner nature of anything.

There was pin-drop silence in the room. The room was filled with a sweet smell. The atmosphere was beautiful, intensely spiritual. Baba then said, "All of you are correct. As a human being, there is nothing to ask from Parama Purusa.  He knows everything. If He sees that you are in need of anything, He will give it to you. You are to see only His divine liila!

He continued, "There is only one thing to ask Him. Ask Him for pure love and devotion, so that all the time you can stay at His feet. This is only possible by the grace of Parama Purusa. You are all the sons of Parama Purusa. He is ready to give whatever He wants as per His desire. He is your Father. It is His duty to give you what you need. There is no reason to ask for anything."
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