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Living with Baba
Invisible Devotees

Fathoming Baba's divine personality or trying to understand His role as Dharma Guru, as Taraka Brahma, is not possible for the human being. The human mind is simply too limited to comprehend such profound and sublime matters. When Taraka Brahma assumes a physical manifestation to lead humanity to divinity, He attracts all manner of devotees, some human, some not, who seek His divine guidance, protection and blessing.

I was once massaging Baba at His residence in Lake Gardens, Calcutta. It was very late at night, almost 1.30am. The night was still and silent, almost magical. Everybody was asleep. I was massaging Baba at that time. I would usually massage Him until He slept. Although it was very late, I was not sure whether Baba had fallen asleep. As I was massaging Him, He suddenly pulled His leg away. I was surprised by the sudden movement of His leg and gently tried to massage His leg again. As I touched His leg, He again removed it with a sharp jerk. I was perplexed, not knowing what to do. I sat by the bedside, frozen, perhaps for a few seconds, before I sensed that He was talking to someone or something. But there was nobody in the room, just the two of us! However, I could sense another entity's presence in the room. Perhaps, there were several entities, invisible to the eye. I was not sure.

At first I felt a little afraid. But I quickly recovered and thought how stupid I was. After all, am I not sitting right in front of Him? What is there to fear?

Suddenly, Baba blurted, "Kye?", abruptly breaking my chain of thoughts. 'Kye' means 'who' in Bengali. I replied, telling Him my name. Then, Baba said, "No, now you go." I responded in Bengali, "Yes, first you sleep Baba, then for sure I will go." The next moment, Baba got up from bed and stood up. He repeated with a firm voice, "Go. I will close the door."

His command was rather unusual. There was simply no way for me to remain any longer in the room. I did sastaunga pranama and left the room. As it was rather late, I decided to sleep and positioned myself just outside His door.

The next day I looked for an opportunity to ask Baba about the previous night. I had to quench my burning curiosity about the mysterious presence in Baba's room and His strange behavior. Baba understood my intention. At noontime I got the opportunity to ask Baba what actually transpired in His room the previous night. At first, Baba avoided my questions, but because of my persistent efforts, He was compelled to explain. He clarified that there were, indeed, other entities present in the room last night. They were in luminous bodies. Baba said, "They waited for a long time to massage Me and to talk with Me. But as you were massaging Me, they could not massage Me. That was why I pulled away My leg. But, did I hit you last night?"

I simply answered, "No, Baba."
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