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Living with Baba
Spiritual Method of Healing

There are many ways to heal a disease - physical, mental and spiritual. Yogis often use the spiritual method of curing a disease. In this story, Baba demonstrates how to cure a certain disease spiritually. At a deeper level, this story demonstrates His boundless love for His disciples.

In 1981, Dada Divyarupananda was posted as a global worker. By nature, he was very energetic and dynamic. He was always absorbed in Baba's mission, doing His work tirelessly. He fully concentrated in serving others, but neglected his health in the process.

During one reporting session, dada was severely scolded and punished by Baba for his unsatisfactory work output. Generally, Baba is dissatisfied with everyone's work, as His expectations are exceedingly high. While meting out the punishment, He suddenly stopped and questioned dada, "Why didn't you tell me that every day you get fever?"

Baba then turned to us and ordered, "All of you, just look at his eyes." We saw that the white portion of his eyes had turned yellow. Baba continued, "You are affected by jaundice. It has already affected your liver."

Dada wept as Baba spoke to him. I can never forget the incident and the contrasting roles He plays in His Cosmic liila. On the one hand, as President of Ananda Marga, He keeps a serious countenance, instructs and punishes. As Guru, He looks after our every need with infinite tenderness, love and care.

As Baba spoke to dada, I could see that His eyes were filled with divine love and affection. He immediately prescribed a course of medicine, a special diet and some specific asanas for him. He then touched dada's anahat cakra with His stick, healing him spiritually. Baba instructed dada, "Now you take the medicine, follow the diet and do your asanas. Your weakness will go immediately."

Baba then requested us to be ready in proper uniform. He said, "I want to teach you how to treat this type of disease in a spiritual way." We touched His feet in reverence. He then taught us the secret of healing this disease spiritually. After that, He advised us, "It is better to use ordinary medicine to cure diseases. But if you want to use the spiritual method, take My permission first."

Genuine masters have always given such advice to their disciples, as the development of psychic and spiritual powers can often act as insurmountable obstacles in the path of spirituality.
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