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Living with Baba
He Takes Care of His Children

When any new acarya had finished his or her training as a renunciate, Baba used to explain to them their duties, jurisdiction, and how to work in the field, before posting them to their respective areas. In addition, Baba used to appoint a senior monk or nun in the Central Office, who would give the posting orders to these new acaryas.

I once posted a new dada in the Calcutta region. When I returned to the Central Office, Baba asked me about the new dada and whether he was happy with his new posting. I replied, "Yes, Baba, he is all right."

After about one month, Baba again asked me about the same dada, whom I had recently posted. He asked me whether I had visited him again. I replied, "No, Baba." The moment I said 'no', Baba became furious. He ordered me to go immediately to meet him.

There was a school at the place where dada was posted. But the school only had a few students. I went there as Baba instructed and met with the dada. The moment he saw me he felt very happy. At first dada did not express any unhappiness or any problem that he was facing. We talked about something and later the subject shifted to Baba. I told him that Baba had specifically instructed me to come and visit him.

Upon hearing this, he started to cry. He said, "Dada, I decided to leave the sannyasin life. I washed my clothes and was just about to go. But now I understand why I could not go." He continued, "Dada, I washed my clothes almost two days ago, but I could not understand - I checked two or three times - still my pants were wet. I think Baba sent you to protect me." He further told me that he desperately cried for Baba's guidance, as he was unable to adjust to the life of a monk. He simply did not know what to do.

I immediately understood the whole situation; why Baba censured me for my negligence in not seeing this new dada after he was posted in the field. I realized with deep reverence His divine love for His disciples - how He looks after our needs. I replied to the dada, "We are His sons. It is His duty to take care of us."

By His grace, the dada changed his mind about renouncing the life of a monk. He is a monk of Ananda Marga to this day.
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