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Living with Baba
Daltonganj DMC

Baba is a master dramatist. He uses the elements of drama to maximum effect. He dramatizes otherwise common incidences to drive home certain lessons - lessons the sadhaka is unlikely to forget in his lifetime.

Once, at the Daltonganj Dharma Maha Cakra, Baba entered His room and enquired from the PA Dada whether the jagrti had been constructed and readied for the function. Dada replied that it was not ready. This contravened the condition that Baba would only attend DMC if the Marga Guru quarters and the jagrti had been completed.

After a short while, He asked if the car was ready. PA Dada replied, "Yes Baba, it is ready." Baba got into the car and said that He would leave immediately. He was furious that the two buildings were not ready for the DMC. He scolded everyone scathingly for their inefficiency. Nobody dared to say anything or approach Him. He was in an unforgiving mood. The Margiis were extremely disappointed that Baba would not attend the DMC function. Their hopes of being with Him at the DMC were shattered. Many Margiis wept openly. Some even lay down on the road in front of the car, so that Baba could not leave. The dadas and didis also positioned themselves in front of His car and refused to move. Despite the drama Baba insisted on leaving.

Amongst the crowd, a family acarya named Acarya Kuldipji stood silently in a corner, saddened by the whole affair. He had contributed greatly to enable the construction work for the buildings to start. He was more concerned about the feelings of all the Margiis, who had worked tirelessly to prepare for the function. How could Baba leave after all the preparations that had been made?

With these intense, angry thoughts, he came up to Baba's car. The window of the car was rolled down. Acarya Kuldipji pleaded with Baba, "See, the poor Margiis gave maximum help for the construction work. We are collecting money from the public to complete the task. We are really doing our best. How can You just leave without DMC? You can punish me, if You wish. You can act out your drama with the dadas inside the room. But what is the fault of these poor Margiis who have come from all over to see You? How is it possible for You to leave?"

Those forceful words had a magical effect. Baba made a complete turn around and agreed to stay. He looked at Kuldipji and told him in a very charming manner, "My guardian has ordered Me to stay. So I will definitely have to stay."

The Margiis were simply overjoyed.
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