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Living with Baba
Kiirtan Mystery

There was a devotee from Colombia, South America, who traveled for the first time to India to visit Baba. She was a Spanish-speaking sister. The native language of Columbia is Spanish. She traveled alone and carried with her the address of the Ananda Marga jagrti in New Delhi.

She reached Delhi airport very early in the morning. After the immigration and customs clearance, she went outside the airport to catch a taxi. It was almost 1.00 a.m. She requested the driver to go to the Delhi South Extension office of Ananda Marga. On reaching the area, the taxi driver tried to locate the address but could not find the place. He searched for the address for a long time, going around in circles, but failed to find it. By then his patience was wearing thin. He became very annoyed with this sister. He spoke in Hindi, the local Indian language, probably scolding her, but she could not understand a word. She replied in Spanish, which he did not understand. A classic example of a communication breakdown!

Finally, the driver decided to take her to the police station, hoping to get some information regarding the address. Realizing the hopelessness of her situation, she mentally surrendered to Baba, pleading for His guidance.

All of a sudden, she heard the sound of kiirtan. She immediately told the driver to stop. She had found the Ananda Marga office, or at least the house of a Margii. She was elated. She thought it was Paincajanya, which starts at 5.00 a.m. daily. Margiis sing Prabhat Samgiit and kiirtan during Paincajanya. She jumped out of the taxi and pressed the bell of the door of the house from where the sound of kiirtan was coming. A dada opened the door. He asked her how and from where she came. She replied that she had traveled from Columbia, South America, and had just taken the taxi from the airport. She told him that they were searching for the address for a very long time, and had almost given up hope, when suddenly she heard the sound of kiirtan.

The dada was perplexed. He looked at his watch. It was only 3:00 am in the morning. Everybody was sleeping like a log. He simply could not understand how she could have heard kiirtan at three in the morning! But the sister understood fully. It was His grace, only His grace.
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