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Living with Baba

Headaches are an inevitable fact of life. One gets a headache due to many reasons, both physical and psychological. Few are aware that there are spiritual causes of headaches.

This incident occurred when Baba was at Ranchi. One day during a reporting session, Baba enquired about a particular dada. The other dadas informed Baba that dada was ill and had a headache. Nevertheless, Baba insisted on seeing him.

Someone went to fetch dada and told him that Baba wanted to see him immediately. He immediately got up and went into Baba's room. Baba then asked him what had happened to him. He replied that he suffered from a painful headache and fever.

On hearing this, Baba became angry. Baba asked him, "Do you know the reason for this?"

The dada kept silent as he did not know how to respond. Baba continued, "You gave initiation to a person in the wrong way. As you gave initiation in the wrong manner, you are to suffer. The Margii will not suffer."

Through this small incident, Baba demonstrated that the real initiation is not a physical process but a spiritual one, which can only be performed by the Guru. The acaryas who conduct the initiation are only the medium through which the Guru acts. As they represent the Guru during initiation, any error in the conduct of the initiation process will have to be absorbed by them, and not by the initiates.
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