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Living with Baba
His Grace Cures Everything

Baba has prescribed a variety of treatments for various illnesses, including herbal medicines, special diets, other natural methods, and special yogic postures called asanas. He usually relies on the physical and natural approaches in treating diseases. In many cases, however, He has utilized more subtle means to cure the health problems of His disciples and devotees. Such means are used sparingly, not just to cure diseases but to remove the physical and psychic obstacles in the form of disease that retard our spiritual progress.

This incident occurred at the Ananda Marga Jodhpur Park office. We were engaged in our normal activities when Baba suddenly asked, "Where is Mantreshvarananda?" Mantreshavaranandaji was feeling ill and was lying down in his room, which was also in the office. He could not even do his meditation properly because of his illness. We promptly informed Baba that he was ill and was lying down in his room. Baba requested us to fetch him.

We then informed Mantreshvaranandaji that Baba wanted to see him. He immediately got up and appeared before Baba. Baba then asked him what was wrong with him. He replied that he had developed a fever and headache.

Baba then instructed him to perform matsendrasana. He did the asana in front of Baba. He had just completed the second round, when he started to sweat profusely. Amazingly, his fever and headache disappeared. Baba then said, "Now, you will be okay. Just go and take a rest."

Dada intuitively understood that it was not the asana alone that cured him, as the relief was immediate. Rather, it was through His spiritual force, His grace that the cure was possible.
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