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Living with Baba
Baba's Birthday

Baba is really a master of moods. Like a kaleidoscope, He has a variety of moods, each used with precision in different circumstances to affect a particular result, to teach a particular lesson. From the harshest to the softest mood, He plays each one with the dexterity of a maestro, who strikes a certain chord to produce a particular note. The overall effect is music, played with divine love for the benefit of His disciples and devotees. His moods are like a string of separate notes, which collectively make music. Over the years, I had the occasion to see His many moods and to understand a little why He used certain moods in particular occasions. Still, He is a mystery!

One day, we planned to celebrate Baba's birthday at Tiljala, in Calcutta. The Central EI-1  organized a very nice birthday program. He called all the small children - the boys and girls from our Ananda Marga children's homes - to come and perform for Baba. Many exciting performances were planned. Usually, there is no reporting session during Baba's birthday. On that day, however, He took organizational reports since early morning. A few dadas were there, reporting on their work. Their unsatisfactory work output made Baba very angry. Baba was really in a dark, ominous mood that day. After the reporting session was over, some of the dadas went to complete their morning duties.

Suddenly, without warning, Baba declared that He wanted to leave for His Lake Gardens residence. He said that He would no longer do any work, as nobody else was interested in working for the mission. He added that He would rather go to His laokik house than waste His time here. Seeing that He was dead serious, somebody ran to inform the EI-1 Dada, who was at that moment having a bath. When he heard that Baba was leaving, dada grabbed a towel and small undershirt and ran to Baba to stop Him from leaving.

Baba was just about to enter His car when dada stopped Him and told Him that today was His birthday and that the children had come from various places to celebrate the occasion. He asked Baba how it was possible for Him to leave when all the preparations had been made. He then firmly caught hold of Baba's hand and led Him back to His room.

Baba did not say anything. Just like a small child, He entered His room quietly, without any resistance. He would, after all, attend His birthday party!

Once, during Madhur sadhana,   He said that real love has three prerequisites: fear, respect and surrender. Without the presence of these qualities, the expressions of love are not real love.

Personally, I feel that real love takes many forms, and is not limited to the sweet expressions or murmurings of love. It might be manifested in the form of a reprimand or punishment to correct a disciple's misbehaviour or laziness. What is certain is that the Guru's love for the devotee is unalloyed and boundless. From the devotees' perspective, he demonstrates his real love for his Guru by satisfying Him alone, without bothering about his personal needs.

It is necessary for spiritual aspirants to understand this subtle but important point, the inner meaning of real love. Only when a devotee accepts his Guru in all His manifestations unquestioningly, there is a possibility that the Guru might fully reciprocate His love, giving him the supreme gift of liberation.
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