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Living with Baba
His Dream Heals Everything

The Guru does not need His physical body to help sadhakas or to get a job done. He even does not have to be alive for that matter. He can assist spiritual aspirants with or without a body, with or without His presence. For the Guru, life and death are the same because He transcends both mortal conditions.

Dada Guna'tiita'nandaji worked in our hospital at Ananda Nagar.  One day, he met with an accident, while riding his motorcycle from the hospital to the Rector Master's office. He injured one of his legs quite seriously. At first he thought it was a minor injury that could be cured by homeopathic treatment. Dada himself was an experienced homoeopath. But, after a few days, he noticed his injured leg swelling, and the pain becoming unbearable. He was forced to go to Ranchi, where the hospital had more advanced facilities and trained doctors. There were also several Margii doctors in the hospital. An X-ray of his injured leg was immediately taken. It showed that there were multiple cracks in the bones of his injured leg. He was then warded under the care of a Margii doctor called Dr. P D Singh, who bandaged his leg firmly to keep it straight, so as to expedite the healing process.

The doctor ordered dada to take complete rest in that position for at least twenty days. Dada experienced great discomfort, as he was forced to meditate in that awkward position. He tolerated this agonizing situation for two days. After that, his condition worsened. He felt an unbearable, shooting pain in his injured leg and could not sleep properly. Somehow, he managed to fall asleep. While sleeping, he had a dream of Baba. In that dream, he saw that he was walking with Baba on a road that was completely submerged in water due to the floods. Baba held dada's hand, and both of them walked in the floodwaters for sometime, until they reached a dry area on the other side of the road. Baba then asked dada to squeeze out his wet clothes, and said to him, "Let's walk some more." Just as dada was about to start walking, he woke up from his dream and found himself on the dreary hospital bed. Amazingly, however, he felt no more pain in his leg. Quietly, without consulting the doctor or anyone else, he carefully removed the bandage and apparatus that was used to keep his leg in a fixed position. Luckily for him, no one was in the room then. He simply could not believe his own eyes. Just a few hours earlier he was writhing in pain. Now, the pain had mysteriously vanished into thin air!

Freeing his leg, dada walked slowly around the room. Just at that very moment the nurse entered the room. She was shocked to see dada standing, unbandaged and without any support. She immediately went to inform the doctor. The doctor rushed to the room and rebuked dada for walking around. He asked him why he had removed the support from his injured leg.

Dada replied, "See, please don't get angry. Just tell me, how can I prove to you that I am cured now? I feel I don't have any problem. My leg is all right now!"

Incredulously, the doctor examined him thoroughly and found his leg to be completely healed. He could not explain this incredible recovery. He looked at dada and said, "Dada, I have no way to explain this based on medical science. I think it is possible only by His grace."

And really, it was Baba's grace. It was as if Baba had prescribed a kind of water therapy for dada by making him walk in the floodwaters to heal his injury. But all this took place in a dream! The result was, however, as real as anything in the waking world we live in.
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