Living with Baba

Living with Baba

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Living with Baba
Baba's Words

As this book is dedicated to all sadhakas and devotees, it is only fitting that it ends with His words. His words, His actions, His whole life have been a perennial source of inspiration for me in my spiritual journey. I have been extremely fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity to be so close to Him, both physically and mentally, and to take shelter in Him. Though He is no longer with us physically, He has left behind a rich legacy of spiritual treasures for the benefit of all sadhakas for all time to come. Even a single gem from His spiritual treasure chest has the capacity of bestowing liberation on spiritual seekers. It is for the seeker to select the gem that best suits him. I hope that other seekers will benefit from His grace as much as I have benefited.

"All entities must advance along the path of progress. This evolution will lead to the expansion of the psychic arena and, ultimately, liberation. This struggle for liberation is the struggle against those forces which attempt to thwart one's psychic expansion. These are one's enemies. Through meditation and contemplation one must surrender oneself at the altar of the Almighty, merging one's finite identity into the Infinite. Only by surrendering one's mind to the vast Macrocosm and becoming one with the Supreme Consciousness can one attain final salvation. The struggle for salvation is the struggle against those forces which strive to prevent one's total self-surrender to the Supreme.

Never retreat. Keep advancing and you will certainly attain the highest fulfillment of your existence!"

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