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Living with Baba

Living with Baba


Living With Baba is the story of a monk and the description of his life with Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. Reading one story after another, we can begin to understand what the real meaning of spiritual life is. We can understand through practical real-life examples and stories how we are to live in this world. Through his own personal experiences, he is teaching us what spiritual philosophy is, what real morality is, and what real surrender to God is. His every single episode with the Lord of Love resulted in new realizations. It is the story of a person's complete surrender at the feet of his Lord.

"I just want to say that God had come on this earth as silently as He had left it. He came at an opportune moment when humanity was oppressed by the powerful forces of vested interests. He came with a great mission to crush the immoral forces and to guide sadhakas towards liberation. To do His work undisturbed, He disguised Himself as an ordinary man, seldom displaying His true nature. He pushed His workers to the limit, extracting the best work from them, to lay the foundations of a universal human society. He rarely gave us the chance to realize His true nature during His lifetime. It is for sadhakas to realize Him through their spiritual practices."

Dada Tapeshvarananda
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