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Destroy from the Root

In the Mahabharata war, all the sons of Gandharii were killed. In the battlefield, she saw her daughters-in-law weeping for their deceased husbands who had been killed in the battle. The sorrow was overwhelming and she too began to cry. Just at that moment, Lord Krsna arrived at the scene of the battle and tried to console Gandharii. But she could not be consoled. She charged Krsna that if He were truly the Supreme Entity whose will was required for even a blade of grass to grow, then why did He make her own sons immoral and had them killed, while He made the pandava brothers moralists and allowed them to live? Out of respect for this honorable lady, and because she was not in a proper state of mind to understand His response to her queries, He remained silent. Baba clarified the inner reasons for their death. Baba explained that Taraka Brahma or Guru cannot tolerate "dhamba" or infinite ego. In this case, Krsna personally requested Gandharii's sons not to go to war and to return to the Pandavas what was rightfully theirs. They rejected Krsna's appeal. They were consumed by their greed for power and became vain, behaving improperly with Krsna. This was the reason why Krsna decided to "vinash" or destroy them from the root.

2006-09-10 Destroy from the Root

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