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Eat the Original Mango

Devotion cannot be obtained through lectures, discourses or philosophy. Devotion is truly a gift of Parama Purusa. It is, however, possible to understand and experience devotion through Baba's works - His books, words and songs.
I encourage sadhakas to read Baba's original discourses. They should eat the original mango. One should not be satisfied with a pale shadow of a mango. People should read as a "svadhyaya" His original books. For me, His words, songs and books are like a "mantra". My writings and devotional expressions are only a drop in the ocean, the shadow of a shadow, totally inadequate to express His unfathomable personality.

I advise sadhakas to read His books and understand the depth, vastness and universality of His ideas. Baba said very clearly in His discourse entitled, Shubhasita Samgraha, "Nayamatma pravcanena lavya na medhaya na bahuna shrutena". It means, Atma or Paramatma cannot be realized by lectures, by intellect or by listening to people talk about Him repeatedly.

The only way to realize Him is through devotion. For me personally, every sentence I read from His discourses is like a mantra - as if He is talking directly to me. It is really a question of feeling. The feeling or realization may vary from person to person depending on the spiritual progress.

2006-09-10 Eat the Original Mango

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